It's not what you do but how you do it!  Exercise is great - but movement is a science. Research continues to prove that the body can't strengthen a muscle that the brain cannot connect to or overcome a movement pattern that the brain is causing at the unconscious level. 

No matter what you do (spin class, toning, yoga, cardio, Pilates) or how hard you work, if you aren't firing from the right muscles and moving with correct alignment, you won't get the results you want. That is why at the heart of Lee's method is neuromuscular re-education, meticulous movement, and brain training drills to improve the nervous system and enhance movement quality. This in-depth but accessible teaching methodology makes these concepts applicable and achievable for students.

Lee's highly educational methodology and detailed teaching style is what has distinguished her career in the competitive boutique fitness market and in the Pilates training and education field. It is what works for hundreds of her clients to preserve the longevity of their movement abilities, transform their bodies and deliver real results.

Now, she brings this knowledge and teaching skill to her online program to ensure these same results happen for the virtual community. She wants anyone, anywhere, to be able to learn the latest in exercise science, connect to their bodies and enhance their movement. The Educational Library is a series of videos that teach proper alignment, foundational movements, anatomical terminology and breath patterns. These videos are tools for neuromuscular re-education -- connecting the brain to important postural and stability muscles that play a huge role in everyday life as well as athletic training. The focus is on teaching the brain to innervate underutilized muscles while releasing through over-dominant muscle groups to change body alignment, improve mechanics and enhance movement abilities.

In this series you will:

  • Learn important foundational concepts of Pilates, biomechanics, toning and alignment
  • Learn functional neuroscience drills to improve the nervous system through better proprioception and joint mobility
  • Learn to innervate important postural and stability muscles of the deep core
  • Learn to neutralize common undesired movement patterns to prevent injury, improve movement quality and reduce pain
  • Become familiar with important anatomical concepts and cues referenced in all classes
  • Practice breathing techniques that enhance movement and increase mind-body connection

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Educational Library!

  • 2

    Pelvic Alignment

    • Neutral Pelvis and Posture

  • 3

    Deep Core Innervation - Transverse, Multifidus and Pelvic Floor

    • Deep Core Innervation - Pelvic Floor

    • Deep Core Innervation - Multifidus

    • Deep Core Innervation - Transverse Abdominus

  • 4

    Lateral Breath

    • Lateral Breath

  • 5

    Neck Alignment and Mobility

    • Neck Alignment and Mobility

  • 6

    Supple Strength - Spine

    • Spine Mobility, Suppleness and Strength

  • 7

    Supple Strength - Hip Joint

    • Hip Stability, Mobility and Disassociation

  • 8

    Supple Strength - Shoulder Girdle

    • Shoulder Girdle Mechanics, Mobility and Stability

  • 9

    Wrist Alignment, Mobility and Stability

    • Wrist mobility, stability and strength

  • 10

    Glute Activation and Strength

  • 11

    Foot Mobility, Strength and Alignment

    • Foot Alignment, Strength and Mobility

  • 12

    Oblique Innervation and Spine Lateral Mobility

    • Oblique Innervation and Strength

  • 13

    Foam Roller and Myofascial Release

    • Foam Roller 17 min