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“I started in March of 2019 3-5 days a week, although I should have started 20 years ago. Lee's entire program has changed me in every way. Not only did I lose 20+lbs and 2+inches in some parts of my body, I gained so much strength physically and emotionally. This is my new therapy. I cannot live without it, specifically body engineering. Lee is patient yet challenges me every session. Her attention to detail with my pelvic floor and abdominals is next level and I'm certain it's why I no longer have lower back pain. ”

Lisa Reile

“After working with Lee since 2011 I feel so much stronger and more in control of my body. I really appreciate Lee’s direct and literal hands-on approach to guiding me through the various exercises in the Pilates repertoire and in the brain-based neural drills. I am confident my work with Lee is paying off in increased energy, better alignment and more confidence in the way I move and carry myself. As a business owner and grandmother of six I need to remain healthy and active as long as possible and I consider my work with a Lee an investment in my future health and well-being.”

Joan Dentler

“I discovered Lee's studio after many years of back pain which stopped me being able to exercise like I wanted to. I'd seen many physical therapists and had periods when my back would be okay, but the injury always came back. Discovering Lee's studio has been a game changer. Within 6 months of working together, through her careful instruction, support and expertise, my back pain had totally disappeared. I've now been practicing with Lee for over two years and the strength and tone I've gained through our work together has completely transformed my body. Thank you Lee, I could not have got there without you!”

Lucy Swithenby

“I have worked with Lee for over 2 years now. Working with Lee has helped me both physically and mentally. I have a handful of chronic issues I am working to manage and that absolutely would not be possible to manage without Pilates and specifically working with Lee. Lee keeps the focus on precision and using the right muscles effectively for long term benefits and to improve posture. I especially love the positive energy that Lee brings to her classes and transfers to her students. I leave feeling taller and more mentally calm and clear.”

Kathleen Daly

“I'm fairly new to Pilates and have been working with Lee for a little more than a year. My sessions have been in groups and privates in both a studio and over Zoom. It goes without saying that she has earned the highest levels of experience and knowledge about Pilates, physiology and conditioning. Her classes are challenging, informative and fun. Another quality I appreciate about Lee is how aware she is of my physical condition, injuries and capabilities. This allows her to tactfully remind me, and my 60+ year old body, to be aware and careful during certain elements of the routine. ”

Chris Cavello

“I’ve been working with Lee for about a year now and I’ve learned so much about how the mind and body work together. Over the years, I’ve worked with trainers, physical therapists, and other fitness professionals but have never come across someone as knowledgeable as Lee. Sitting at a computer for 8+ hours a day for the last 30 years has taken its toll. Working with Lee, I’m standing taller, moving better, and my aches and pains have been going away with a well-being plan catered specifically for me. Lee’s attention to detail and motivating instruction have become the foundation of my fitness regimen.”

CG Bell

“I have been working with Lee for seven years! What I value most about working with Lee is she listens to me and tailors our sessions to what I need. Lee is knowledgeable, experienced and has worked with and through her own physical limitations. She focuses on being strong and healthy both now and for the future, not looking a certain way, which I highly value! ”

Keri Stumberg